I am Angry Mike. A no-nonsense freelance post-production generalist, a glorified TV repairman, a fast and melodic editor, motion designer, visual effects artist, a father, a husband, a skilled colorist too and I love my coffee cold. I also moonlight as on-set visual effects supervisor and pre-visualizing and finalising compositor. Some might say that is a very broad field. But I am no butterfly.

I saw The Exorcist at age 6. I saw RoboCop, Death Wish 2, A Space Odyssey, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket and Predator the year after. I do not like ghost stories. Affinity for cinema and an exhaustive teeth-grinding filmography with my brother, in particular, has led me to contribute on high-end domestic and international tv-, documentary and cinema productions.

In short: My skills have spanned many genres and disciplines in the entertainment industry for years. I strive to stay on top of visual trends through status of Adobe Training Partner for more than 11 years. I love sharing knowledge and this particular work doubles as therapy.

I am available for global work and coffee, off-site and on-site.